5 Common email marketing mistakes to AVOID


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Neither Romeo nor Juliet had to die if they could send one email to communicate their ”love-war” strategy in prior. Either it is “saying hi” to a friend or a marketer- email has always been the leading platform to build the bridge of connection. According to Radicati Group report, every second almost 2.4 million emails are sent. A communication medium with such effectiveness has always been on the top of the preference list of marketing professionals. According to the data-chart published by Campaign Monitor, 82% b2b and b2c business companies use email for their promotional activities. But there are certain mistakes in email marketing, that can lead the campaigns towards failure, even after the tool has such vast reach. Let’s take a look at these 5 email marketing mistakes, by avoiding which marketers can perform more polished and successful business campaigns.

  1. Giving no space to Reply
    Maintaining positive attitude is necessary while practicing email marketing campaigns. When a marketer sends any business email from “do-no-reply” or “no-reply” email address, it sends a very negative and uninviting approach to the recipient where the marketer is seemingly not interested to hear any reply or opinion from the audience’s end. In order to avoid this mistake, always send your marketing emails from recognizable email address where your targeted customers can reply if they feel like.
  2. Lack of providing proper links
    As per a recent research, one email marketing campaign contains 23.3 links on average. On the other hand, if a marketer is ignorant enough to provide no link in any of his/her marketing email, loosing the competition will be inevitable. One should always provide at least one proper link to their home page while developing email marketing messages.
  3. Only image-based emails
    Keeping marketing emails completely image-based is a big mistake. Why? Because as per the statistics, only for 33% email subscribers images get opened by default in marketing emails. In order to reach the rest, you have to wait for them to press the “show images” button to make your campaign message to be seen. Then what’s the way out? At least keep some texts in your marketing mail that your target audience can understand what your message is all about even if they do not open the images.
  4. Improper links, grammatical mistakes
    Once your email is sent, there will be no way of turning back. It takes just one glance and one silly mistake to destroy the whole brand image. As there is no room for mistakes, you should check your campaign email several times before finally sending it to your targeted customers. Make sure all links are working properly, images are opening in the right manner. Last but not the least, you must keep your marketing mails free from any kind of spelling and grammar mistake. In order to do that, proper proofreading is very important.
  5. Ignoring the mobile users
    As per the email analytics report of Litmas, presently 55% of emails are opened in mobile devices. As a marketer, ignoring this figure will not be a good idea if you want your email campaign to reach maximum number of your potential customers. Make your marketing emails mobile-friendly. Use image and maintain proper white space to make your business emails easy to operate and easy to understand for a mobile user.

Avoid these 5 mistakes and experience business campaign outcome like never before. Email Data Group can help you with b2b email marketing services that can allow you to reach the maximum number of your global customers in no time.

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Grow your cloud computing business with Amazon Web Services Users Email List


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As a result of modernization and constant technological advancement, no matter how big or small a business industry is, every company is taking their maximum effort to use the most advanced technology for managing business operation. Cloud computing is one of the most frequently used words while discussing implementation of advanced technology in modern business operations. And if you want to obtain the most advanced cloud computing software provider for managing your business, Amazon Web Services is here at your service. Like other cloud hosting service providers, AWS also helps the organizers with internet or cloud based delivery process of hosted computer services like database storage, server, applications, networking and other IT operations. But, they have went far ahead of their competitors because of their flexibility and adaptability continuous technological up gradation. This is why, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered to be the largest public cloud computing service provider of the world. Now, as a cloud computing business marketer, how and why you will earn profit from AWS user database?- Let’s take a look at the present scenario first.

amazon web services.jpg

Amazon Web Services Users List

The evolution of AWS: 2016-2017

In 2016, Amazon had experienced extra-ordinary success in their business outcome

for example-

In the first three quarters, Amazon’s stock increased up about 17%

Within first six months, Amazon has overtaken their expected business growth targets

During first nine months, the company had registered 29% growth in business revenue, which was over $92 billion

Amazon had reported 161% growth in operating income

And the most important thing is, Amazon Web Services contributed almost 35% of the overall Amazon’s valuation, which was $121.8 billion in number. Just think for a moment. By connecting with Amazon Web Services clients and customers massively successful business network, as a smart marketer, you can enrich your business network to the maximum level and you can stay far ahead of your contemporary market competitors.

Amazon Web Service’s achievement as cloud computing service provider

From the very beginning (2006), Amazon Web Services has constantly been improving their service only to be considered as one of the best on-demand computing platforms worldwide. They offer more than 70 cloud computing services to their globally acknowledged client organizations like LG Electronics, Intercom, American Heart Association, Blackboard, etc. Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) are the most advanced inclusions within the list of their provided services. As a consequence of their constant efficient service expertise, AWS has their vast range of satisfied clients from 16 geographical regions around the world. And it is easily assumable that, as a marketer you will be able to reach the top global decision makers by connecting with the decision makers from their globally respected client companies.

Since marketers have been benefiting from the sale of Amazon cloud computing services, why not be the best among them by promoting your business with AWS users mailing list? Email Data Base is a one-shop stop for various contemporary marketing solutions. Increase your ROI and improve market results using delivery-driven Amazon Web Services email addresses. Request a Quote today for the best database of Amazon Web Services users.

Email Workflow Automation: Adding Value to Email Marketing List


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You might have a working database from an authorized database supplier. All the contacts in your database might have been selected by you for a targeted b2b marketing b2c communication. Yet, you do not reap the marketing results you are supposed to because of the inactivity of the contacts in your database. To activate customer response, business email lists need to be put to correct use.

Marketing campaigns have a lot to share with them, so make email marketing automation your guide for scheduling email marketing campaigns. So, why use business email address lists for email marketing automation? Let us prove our point by sharing with you Emailmonday’s survey report, which states that 49% of companies on average are at present using marketing automation and about 55% of the business to business service companies are adopting this technology.

Old customers are more likely to give you deals than new leads. So, it is better to get them on track through email addresses accessed by email automation tools. Email automation is supports up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers, and boosts lead generation and conversions.

Types of Automated Email Workflows

Automated email workflows re-activate your old customers’ sense of belonging to your brand in many ways. Some of which we have listed here. Let us take you through them:
Email workflows have to set up by email marketing automation software. This kind of software enables timely automated email workflows. The ways in which this automation takes place may include:

  1. Email Workflow Based on Information Topic
    Many time product topics need a proper content and so, you can create newsletters, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, kits, blog posts for several topics, which can be sent through automated email workflow set for every specific topic and device the increase of possible views on those pages or influence subscription for offers pertaining to that topic.
    So, a particular product offer subscription will notify them about a similar product, inducing the activity of existing contacts in your database in responding to your message and then offers.
  2. Email Workflow for Email Subscribers
    Prepare a welcome email workflow for offer subscribers. Also prepare email workflows that have emails thanking contacts for subscribing to your call-to-action pages, and the benefits of other discounted products, detailing product selection adjustments. This is a great promotional marketing for best-performing products.
  3. Email Workflow for Customer Engagement
    For a cordial welcome, develop an automated email workflow so that a list of adequate welcome emails can be sent to paying customers. This means that a lifecycle of a contact to a customer is covered after which the welcome emails will be sent.
    This not only boosts client relationship, but also shows that you as a firm follow-up with your customers responsibly.
  4. Email Workflow for Lead Generation
    When you see that your contacts are buyers now, share relevant content with them on events, product upgrades and discounts and automate an email workflow that sends emails with that content and triggers customers to share the same across their social networks. This kind of referral marketing can help to generate high number leads.
  5. Email Workflow for Shopping Cart Abandonment
    As an e-commerce firm, you will understand that most prospective customers will add a product to their shopping carts and then abandon the cart without purchasing. So, an email workflow should be automated to follow-up with such prospective customers to remind them of the incomplete purchase and propel them to complete the transaction by offering other similar product offers or a special coupon code on the same buy.
  6. Email Workflow For Triggering Customer Satisfaction
    After the purchase, email workflows can be created driving surveys to know the satisfaction score of customers and the reward points they would like to earn on special purchases. With the score collection, a new email workflow can be set up that can send emails to customers mentioning bonus points or redeemable points on a certain purchase. For unsatisfied customers this can be a move towards improvement of their experience with your products and services.


With so many email workflows, marketing automation can be exhilarated and maximum customer acquisition can be accomplished. To create and automate such email workflows, you would need to buy b2b email list from a premier database vendor. Email Data Group prospers your database with high quality business email addresses verified by our automation tools. So, if you want to know how our b2b email database can trigger adequate email automation, get in touch with us at 1-800-710-4895 (Toll Free) or write to us at info@emaildatagroup.net.

Contact Appending- For Improved Campaign Response


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Most market researchers study the reasons behind the high profits reaped by a few marketers overnight on a particular product promotion. While most markets in a particular geography are built and dealt by a few prominent business firms, those firms only tend to grow with the growth of more businesses. To get these businesses queued up, a business firm needs to build a marketing niche using a fresh customer database that could create a successful liaison between two business firms.

But how to get an up-to-date database while surveys claim that up to 3% business data becomes obsolete every month? Well, there is always a way when appending service is what you choose for your database. Business prosperity lies in the number of its clients and the profits it draws from markets. The higher the target, more would be the requirement of a working database. A working database increases the need to buy contact appending service from a vendor.

Since, all your marketing results will depend on the contacts you choose to deal with, it is better to select a b2b contact append service that wins the competition prevailing in the market and provides the most delivery-riven marketing data for multi-channel marketing.

  • Industrial Marketing – Append b2b contacts for Global Client Relationship

    Most marketers buy email lists by industry to execute market segmentation strategy on a larger scale across industries. This covers untested markets and guarantees successful global approach. Whereas, other marketers would get mailing address lists by county to follow-up with customers of a specific region for better customer retention.
    What if some globally acknowledged vendor of alternative contact append services furnishes all types of business contact data of contacts from a common workplace in a comprehensive database within a time period of 48 hours to a week? And what if the database conforms to the DMA guidelines, is verified, cleansed and modified to aid cross-channel marketing? If these questions are answered, then would you purchase portions of business communication data separately or all assembled in a single file from a data append vendor? You can save money in the latter purchase.

  • Influencer Marketing – Grow your Business with the Decision Makers

    Influence the decision making of high-ranking executives, having the potential to influence your business growth by a greater margin, with custom-built campaigns. This focused approach may yield best results firstly, when their contact addresses are apt and updated, and secondly, when you have easy access to them. Through contact appending, you could get an all-inclusive marketing list of decision makers in its complete design, detailed for diversified marketing.

  • Contact Appends Answer Everything That You Need to Know About Contact Marketing

    Straight from opted-in b2c email list to permission-based company professional telephone numbers, business contact append serves industry details that are apt for highly result-driven business communication. An authentic data append provider will offer exclusive contacts append services for both consumers and business firms.
    Ideally you should provide company name or SIC number, postal address or company telephone number to the vendor company so that it can verify it, match either of those with its master-file, and provide rest of the contact data at approximately 35% match rate. The fresh data extracts help organizations to speed-up customer engagement procedures through relevant phone numbers, email and mailing addresses.

So, whether you want to guest blog on customers’ websites or share product benefits on their social media pages for high lead generation in a limited given time, then get their web addresses and social media profile links too from your reliable vendor.
Email Data Group comes with its dynamic contact appending services, renders delivery-driven contact data of business professionals and consumers who help to prosper business relations across global networks. We are here to make the best of your contact databases by yielding high quality customer data to enrich your database. So, touch base with us at info@emaildatagroup.net or call us at our toll-free number- 800-710-4895 for quicker response.

Phone Appending Process


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Phone numbers change as many times as emails do, or sometimes even more frequently. To improve your ROI by a substantial margin phone appending is a must. The process of phone appending adds missing numbers to your incomplete database, thereby converting it into a valuable list. You can choose to append phone numbers to your existing list with phone appending services that can fetch you the most up-to-date and accurate phone numbers to get the most out of every dial attempt.

The Process

At Email Data Group, the phone appending process is done in just 5 simple yet highlyeffective steps:

Step 1 – Selection

The client compiles the database to be appended and shares the file with us via a secure FTP portal for the phone appending process.

Step 2 – Appending

The database uploaded on our FTP server is downloaded for appending. Phone numbers, present in our master database, are matched with client’s file and added to the database.

Step 3 – D-N-C screening

The freshly appended phone numbers are matched against our updated D-N-C list (Do Not Call) that is a pre-requisite of the phone appending process. Once the data is matched along with the latest, updated national D-N-C registry, the processed data is screened to comply with the do-not-call regulations and all the DNC registered contacts are removed from the list.

Step 4 – Tele-verification

Tele-Verification of the appended data is important to cross-check validity of the prospects. The tele-verification is carried out by our team of experts to ensure that only valid contacts are stored in the final database.

Step 5 – Upload

The cleansed and appended data is shared with the client in the original format via our FTP server for the client to access. For security purposes the data is shared via any medium apart from emails.

How Email Appending Works


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What is Email Appending?

Email Appending, as the name suggests is the process of appending the missing email addresses in your customers’ database. It enhances your customer database and provides the means to capitalize for your shift in the market place. It also helps you build up your ability to communicate with your customers easier, faster and cheaper.

How does the process work?

Email appending is a pronged process involving 5 distinct steps. It starts right from Acquiring database from the customer . Matching it with the in-house database . Verifying . Launching an opt-out campaign and Uploading the database to the client`s server in their preferable format.

What is the validity of an email address?

The validity of an email address depends on various factors. However, on an average 1-2% of the email database is said get decayed either due to people changing jobs or switching internet service providers. This brings the need for your email database to be updated at least once in 90 days.

Why to send opt-out message?

An opt-out email is sent out to seek permission from the recipients to communicate with them via email. This is sent to make the recipients aware that are being added to the client`s mailing list so that they could expect further communication from the client. It offers them the opportunity to opt-out from the email list if they are not interested to have any communication with the client. According to the CAN SPAM act, it is mandatory to send opt-out emails and if the recipient prefers opt out, the email address has to be removed within 30 business days.

How many people usually opt-out?

The average opt-out rate ranges from 2-4%. Of course there are many deciding factors that include how well you`ve established the relationship with the recipients, the benefits they would get if added into the email list, the message in the opt-out email is also a deciding factor.

How long does the email appending process take?

Nevertheless, that the time taken depends on the size of the client`s database, for a good service provider, it takes not more than 7 business days to complete the service and send it to the client. But if the service provider is launching the opt-out email campaign, then it might take 2- 4 weeks for the complete process which includes removing the opted out recipients from the database.

Email Appending Process

  • Step 1 : Acquiring database
    The client identifies the database that needs to be sent for email appending to the service provider and sends it either through email or FTP. The service provider acquires the database and sends it for further processing.
  • Step 2 : Matching Records
    The database is converted to a version compatible with the in-house database. The records are then compared with the records in the in-house master database. In this process, wherever they find a match with the same name, mailing address, the email address is appended to the record. This process is carried out till the last record of the client database.
  • Step 3 : Verifying Email Addresses
    The emails appended into the database are verified for delivery. This process is done through automated tools and also through manual teams.
  • Step 4 : Opt-out Message
    Once the append process is completed, an automated email is sent to all the emails appended. This email clearly explains the recipients that they have been added to a particular mailing list and they can opt-out, if they do not wish any communication with the client. After waiting for 5-7 business days for all the responses, the opt-outs are removed from the database.
  • Step 5 : Download the Database
    Once the append process is complete, the database is converted to the original format of the database and is delivered to the client through FTP. The database is usually not sent via email to avoid privacy issues.

Email Appending Mistakes to avoid:

  • Beware of shady vendors
  • Selecting vendors based on price
  • Not insisting on 100% permission based data
  • Appending emails to prospects list
  • Overlooking the importance of opt.out lists
  • Dumping your appended list into your in.house list
  • Don`t neglect inactive customers

Take advantage of our free email appending test and keep your customers engaged.

For Further insights about our email appending process write us Or Call us at:

info@emaildatagroup.net | 1 800 710 4895 | www.emaildatagroup.net

Email Appending – Increase Marketing Productivity


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Up to 28% data becomes outdated every year. In such scenarios, it is wise to take a call on whom to approach for data appending. Email responses are more expected in the digital world than responses on postal mails. The basic requirement for email append is the right merging of name and mailing addresses and matching the old data against the current data and then appending the email address.

Email appending or e-appending can be practiced either through opt-in or opt-out method:

  • Opt-in: Permission-based emails are sent to appended email addresses asking customers if they would like to opt into the client’s mailing list in addition to giving them the opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • Opt-Out: The contact has to reply to opt-out from receiving further emails and if there is no reply from a particular contact to a welcome email, that contact is automatically considered to be recipient of further mails by the sender.

How corrective e-appending measures can result in productive e-marketing?

E-appending is no easy practice, given the complexities in matching the old and the new mailing addresses, successfully appending e-mail addresses, sending permission e-mails to right inboxes and being able to raise a good number of interested customer responses to opt-in mails is a challenge. However, few steps can turn your whole email marketing experience into a win-win game. Let us take you through those now:

i. Not suitable for prospects: It is always feasible to run email append on a customer file because old or new customers/ subscribers/ partners guarantee high response rates on introductory email messages. While, running email append on prospect contacts, may not bring in replies from those contacts giving out their data. There are chances of losses in investment in the latter practice.

ii. Choose wisely: Your email appending provider should be clear about the compliance policies by Direct Marketing Association guidelines and abide by those while running e-append and should have clear knowledge of permission-based email marketing procedure.

iii. Suppression process: Run a global suppression on successfully appended email addresses and remove email bounces, complainers, excluded email domains and others. This process will guarantee a hassle-free execution of welcome mail and lessen complaint rates.

iv. Welcome mail precision: Welcome mail or the introductory mail showcases your future business plans and your present business processes. But in case of email bounce backs, the not working email addresses should be removed from the database by your email appending service provider as standard industry practice.

v. Keep Messaging Constantly: After sending welcome mails to appended email addresses, do not leave messages at your desks to be sent later, as late might be very late for the recipients to hold interest in your mails.

vi. Frequent Tracking: Frequent tracking of appended database will give you the leverage of understanding your current customer base and calculate the ROI raised from appended email addresses.

At Email Data Group, we offer unique e-appending services for b2b and b2c business contacts. Do not stay confused with your obsolete data. Touch base with us and our accurate and tested services will ensure your products and services promotions raise brand visibility and sales!

So get in touch with us today!

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How businesses benefit with tele-verified email and mailing lists


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“Tele-verified email lists are ideal for your business and guaranteed to bring success!”

If we make a definitive statement like that are you going to believe us? Probably not! (Unless you are too loyal to our blogs and would believe every word we say!) But what if we rephrase ourselves and modify the sentence so that it states: “It’s not surprising that businesses that have used tele-verified email and mailing lists for their b2b campaigns have gained business success by leveraging from phone verification!” You would probably give the statement some thought!

And that is exactly what this blog is about! How businesses benefit with tele-verified email and mailing lists! But first let’s understand what exactly is phone verification?

Understanding the workings of phone verification

So what do we mean by phone verification and how important is it? Now phone verification can come in different forms-

(a) the form used by Facebook or Gmail to validate user authenticity
(b) the form used by online transaction sites, banking sites to verify user identity
(c) the form used by businesses for verifying existing client data before through about a b2b or b2c campaign.

The fact however remains, that irrespective of the form, tele-verification is valued across business needs. Phone numbers are actually one of the most effective and convenient ways to verify user identity, to validate whether the user says who he is.

In the business perspective, phone verification extends to elaborately cross-checking if previously collected data regarding a particular business or its executive is authentic and still valid.

So don’t just go about with your b2b campaigns. Now that you know what tele-verification is, make sure you start your b2b campaigns with tele-verified email and mailing lists!

Benefits of tele-verification for email and mailing lists

When businesses choose to use phone verified email databases for their business campaigns, they do so because they have benefited from it. Some of the common benefits include:

  • It reduces chances of misdirected communication
    Probably the most important benefit of the process, a tele-verified email and mailing database reduces chances of misdirected communication. As a marketer it is likely you lack the resources required to cross-check the authenticity of all your contact data. But third-party verifiers have the tools and expertise required to perform this task. When they verify and validate your database, they not only correct and update the database, but often include additional professionally relevant data. This ensures that all your business communication is made with its intended audience. A well directed b2b campaign not only saves your brand from earning a bad market reputation but has better prospects for conversions and sales!
  • It validates data and identifies new business prospects –
    The advantage of phone verification is that real-time calls are made. This eliminates the option of user’s discretion to reply or not and often is also able to extract other professionally relevant data. So when you get tele-verified email lists you will be surprised by the campaign accuracy and the result it brings! Additionally, phone verified email lists often helps in identifying new business prospects and opportunities for sales. For instance, when business professionals switch organizations, it is helpful to get the missing data phone verified. Since during phone verification you actually get to speak with the concerned person, it is unlikely that incorrect data will be provided. When added to your existing database, this data translates to new business prospects.
  • Improves ROI –
    The ultimate aim of any business- making profits! With a tele-verified email list getting better return on investments is more than possible! It goes without saying but when marketers invest in databases they expect accuracy and relevancy. Since in phone verified email lists both manual and automated approaches are adopted it is unlikely that data will be inaccurate or obsolete. Since marketers are expected to pay for every data they buy, this saves them from paying for data that is obsolete!

It’s no surprise therefore that, marketers who have embarked on their campaigns through phone verified email lists have been able to gain more from their campaigns. From keeping customers satisfied through effective targeted communication to reducing chances of returned or bounced emails, beginning a b2b campaign with tele-verified email list is both business friendly and cost-effective!

So if you are looking at going for phone verification of your obsolete customer database, get in touch with us at Email Data Group for customized services. We have been in the business for the last eight years and have the skill and team needed to tele-verify email databases and deliver quality service for your b2b campaigns!

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6 key tactics for effective email marketing


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In a research conducted among adult internet users in the US in 2013, it was seen that on an average, an adult spends 29 minutes each day on his/her emails (Statista). This means that as a marketer you have very little time to make an impression on your audience. Time is precious, so use it wisely. Considering that almost 83% marketers identifies email marketing as their most effective form of campaigning, make sure that while designing your email campaigns you apply the right email tactic to reap results from your email marketing campaigns!

Most email marketers have probably already identified their own secret tactic, but here are six key tactics for effective email marketing.

6 best email marketing tactics

Keep the Subject Line focused
Don’t just settle for good subject lines. Make sure they are the best you can do. Yes, your subject line is the first thing a user will notice and if it fails to arrest his attention in as less as four to five seconds, then your case is closed. Ideally the most effective subject lines are those that are:

  • Short, crisp and within 40-50 characters
  • Intelligently worded so as to arouse interest and curiosity
  • Devoid of spammy phrases and in accordance with email writing etiquettes
  • Modified and updated
  • Included with the brand name (to avoid being added to spam)

Time it properly
This doesn’t only mean time in the terms of ‘a.m.’ and ‘p.m’ but also time in the sense of festivals, seasons, holidays etc. Your email marketing strategies must be drafted in such a way so that they are able to get the best response. Some tips to keep in mind while timing your email campaigns are:

  • Identify your type of email and send it on appropriate days. If you are sending a promotional offer email, the weekend is a good time to do so; if it’s an official newsletter or informational email, mid-week will work wonders!
  • Avoid odd hours of the day and late evenings. There are lesser chances of your email being read at inconvenient hours.
  • Avoid sending emails during peak festivals and holidays.

Let content be your email marketing strategy
Yes content email marketing is what is gaining ground among most email marketers. It’s a powerful tool and can be used by all businesses irrespective of their size, location, targeted audience or any other factor. So don’t keep your emails mundane and ordinary. Make sure you are able to give it edge with the right content. Some thins to keep in mind are:

  • ‘Content’ refers to both text and multi-media here. For your email campaigns use the right combination of text, graphics, images or even videos if necessary.
  • Don’t always use email content for selling. Instead use it to create value. Use it for building trust, brand name, sharing information and updates, news or any other. Sometimes even the best emails fail to perform because they offer nothing but a call for sales! Avoid that.

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with Social Media
Since social media plays such a vital role in most of our lives, why not encourage link shares on your emails? Ideally, when you email contains links to a good article or informative piece, it’s a great tactic to add your social media hangers that indirectly asks readers to share it. Alternatively, use your social media page to attract email subscribers!

Have CTAs that demand action
This is something that causes most email campaigns to fail. The Calls to Action are vital for any email campaign because it literally urges the user to do something. Phrases like “Act Now”, “Know More”, “View Demo” are different CTAs with the motive to push the user into acting accordingly. It must however be kept in mind that the CTAs should be placed appropriately across the email and not only at the end.

Segment your Email Lists first
This is actually the first thing you should be doing. Segmenting, when done regularly, has proven highly effective for email campaigns, as it helps in taking your emails to interested and relevant users. Now before you segment your email lists keep these in mind:

  • Screen subscribers as and when they sign-up. This saves on time and prevents mass emails being sent to non-targeted users
  • Email ids of non-targeted subscribers should not be deleted, but stored somewhere else for latter campaigns

The bottom line is- there is no one best email marketing strategy or solution for the perfect email campaigns! Marketers have to use a combination of the different email marketing techniques to make their campaigns effective and reap desired outcome from it.

If you have come across other techniques that have helped your campaigns, do share it with our readers. Alternatively, if you require assistance for designing your email marketing campaigns, or for sorting out your email lists, get in touch with us at Email Data Group and we will help you with custom-built solutions.

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