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Let me ask you a few questions? Do you like rummaging through your belongings to try finding something received a few months back? How about making adjustments to your schedule so as to make time to visit the post-office? And what about when attending a meeting or conference you have to attend calls from unknown numbers, only to realize that it’s an automated call or a sales pitch? The answer to all those questions is a definite “No”! No one, and that includes me, likes any of those!

Now modify the scene and perceive it as a business scenario, and there, you have a problem! The business challenge of finding a crucial message or mail at the right time; finding time to send all your shareholders updates via post; getting disturbed with unsolicited calls at busy hours! The solution to all of those problems is email campaigning! As a marketer what you must comprehend is how email campaigns are good for your business and how they benefit organizations to achieve business excellence!

5 Benefits of Email Campaigns!

Designing the best email campaign is not a rudimentary or hassle-free task. It takes commitment, dedication, time and creativity to come up with the right ‘call’. So when more than 82% marketers across the globe prefer email marketing it can be assumed that it has business benefits that organizations have leveraged from!

  • It’s cost effective: While there is an initial investment incurred for designing and developing the content for your email campaigns, there are no further costs involved. Not only does one save on printing and postal costs, but also overhead costs! Costing only a few cents or pennies to send an email, it’s 20 times more cost-effective than traditional channels! Moreover, it supports the initiatives for a green and going paperless movement!
  • It’s easy to track: Have no doubts, this benefit of email campaigning is what makes marketers swear by it! All available software for email marketing is programmed such that it tracks email campaign performance by keeping a record of open, click-through, bounce, conversion rates and more. Tracking and reports gives valuable feedback that help organizations to make immediate updates to their email marketing campaigns for the best outcome!
  • It delivers a positive ROI: If there is one thing shareholders hate, it is a bad annual statement! So when a marketing channel delivers a positive ROI, that’s all that matters! According to a study by DMA, in 2009, email marketing campaigns generated a positive ROI of almost $43.62 for a dollar spent and the value has not diminished over the years!
  • It’s immediate: If you want to be your customers’ first choice, you will have to be the first to reach them! Email marketing is quick and can start to churn out results within minutes of its ‘dispatch’ by creating a sense of urgency! For instance- an announcement of a ‘Sale’ or a ‘Discount’ or even an upcoming ‘Offer’. A big time saver, email campaigns assists increase in sales conversions, at times even up-selling and cross-selling and brings in repeat business!
  • It’s Global: If you want to limit yourself to local and regional customers then think again! With the best email campaigns, the entire world can be your customer! You can send an immediate message to customers across the globe that can help building up your brand image!

But to think that the above mentioned benefits are the only way organizations can benefit from email campaigns would be an understatement. Email campaigning is measurable and emails can easily be shared; email marketing can be streamlined for targeted audiences and helps to send personalized messages; email marketing facilitates frequent and repeated communication and has a quick response time! So if you have not yet ventured into the world of email campaigns- well, it’s time for you to do so!

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