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Imagine yourself making an online purchase. While purchasing something would you prefer to return to a trusted E-Commerce website or experiment with a new site? While in certain cases exploring a new site is the right choice, research shows that it’s more common to return to an old, trusted site.

This is no different for email marketing. Email marketers across the world agree that it is more difficult to convince a new prospect than to retain an old customer. Yes, creative templates, innovative graphics and dynamic content is often responsible for luring in new patrons, but as you are trying to bring in new customers, so are your competitors. The important thing to keep in mind is that email marketing should not be viewed as a separate entity but should be integrated with the overall corporate marketing strategy!

So here are five simple rules that marketers should keep in mind for retaining customers with email marketing.

5 rules of retaining customers through email marketing

Rule 1: Planning your email life-cycle campaign
Being proactive and planning your email life-cycle campaign is the first step towards success. As a marketer you must segment and study your customers’ buying behavior and response to previous campaigns. Appropriate analysis gives us key insights. For instance, study if your audiences are more responsive to emails that speak of offers/promotions/discounts, or if they are more likely to open an informational email, or if they are entertained by emails that share stories and interesting facts. Once you know your customers’ nature, you can design your email campaigns accordingly, in order to retain their loyalty.

Rule 2: Timing is of utmost importance
For successful email marketing campaigns one must know ‘when’ and ‘how’ to leverage from an opportunity. So if it’s a festive season it’s likely your discount offers will lead to better conversions; if a competitor has declared an offer it is expected that you will offer something similar; if a customer is interested in electronic goods, your emails should provide him with the range of similar products to increase chances of up-selling and cross-selling. The trick is to know when and how to reach your existing customers. They have trusted your brand once. So make sure they have a reason do it again.

Rule 3: Keep the Subject line to the point
Respect your customers and their time. Don’t include subject lines that are misleading. The first question your customer will ask is, “Is this email relevant?” So make sure it is. The best email campaigns have subject lines that respect brevity and simplicity. Keep your subject lines to-the-point and arresting, so that whether an old or new customer, they have the curiosity to actually open the email.

Rule 4: Identify the winners and losers
In every business there is always the risk of losing some customers and winning others back. Email marketing can play a key role in this. To start with, identify those customers who have been inactive on your site for a prolonged period. There are more chances of being able to win them back, if you can design the right email campaign for them (to know more about benefits of email campaigns read my blog). On the other hand, if there are customers who have been disappointed with your services and products, there are lesser chances that a simple email campaign can win them back. So try to identify the winners and losers and design your email marketing strategies around them.

Rule 5: Work, work and rework on that Landing Page
Several email marketing campaigns fail to deliver the desired result because of a non-impressive landing page. When customers open your email, they are lured by what the email contains. But to actually result in a conversion, they must visit your webpage either for a purchase, subscription, or transaction. So if you are sending an email for gaining new subscribers then make sure your landing page is customized for it: “Free Subscription for 30 days!”, “20% off on immediate subscription!” If you want to retain your customers make sure they don’t have to go on a wild goose chase!

Winning back and re-engaging or retaining a customer through email marketing is not a onetime affair. A continuous flow of communication is essential that will gradually strengthen customer loyalty and retention. Additionally, based on the customers you are targeting you will have to use the right email marketing solutions, strategy and tools, evaluate data, analyze competitor strategy and more. So work towards building lifetime customer value and you will have your own answers on how to retain customers through email marketing!

If you want to learn more about email marketing or want to get assistance on designing your email campaigns, get in touch with us at Email Data Group and we shall provide you with the most email marketing services and solutions!