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In a research conducted among adult internet users in the US in 2013, it was seen that on an average, an adult spends 29 minutes each day on his/her emails (Statista). This means that as a marketer you have very little time to make an impression on your audience. Time is precious, so use it wisely. Considering that almost 83% marketers identifies email marketing as their most effective form of campaigning, make sure that while designing your email campaigns you apply the right email tactic to reap results from your email marketing campaigns!

Most email marketers have probably already identified their own secret tactic, but here are six key tactics for effective email marketing.

6 best email marketing tactics

Keep the Subject Line focused
Don’t just settle for good subject lines. Make sure they are the best you can do. Yes, your subject line is the first thing a user will notice and if it fails to arrest his attention in as less as four to five seconds, then your case is closed. Ideally the most effective subject lines are those that are:

  • Short, crisp and within 40-50 characters
  • Intelligently worded so as to arouse interest and curiosity
  • Devoid of spammy phrases and in accordance with email writing etiquettes
  • Modified and updated
  • Included with the brand name (to avoid being added to spam)

Time it properly
This doesn’t only mean time in the terms of ‘a.m.’ and ‘p.m’ but also time in the sense of festivals, seasons, holidays etc. Your email marketing strategies must be drafted in such a way so that they are able to get the best response. Some tips to keep in mind while timing your email campaigns are:

  • Identify your type of email and send it on appropriate days. If you are sending a promotional offer email, the weekend is a good time to do so; if it’s an official newsletter or informational email, mid-week will work wonders!
  • Avoid odd hours of the day and late evenings. There are lesser chances of your email being read at inconvenient hours.
  • Avoid sending emails during peak festivals and holidays.

Let content be your email marketing strategy
Yes content email marketing is what is gaining ground among most email marketers. It’s a powerful tool and can be used by all businesses irrespective of their size, location, targeted audience or any other factor. So don’t keep your emails mundane and ordinary. Make sure you are able to give it edge with the right content. Some thins to keep in mind are:

  • ‘Content’ refers to both text and multi-media here. For your email campaigns use the right combination of text, graphics, images or even videos if necessary.
  • Don’t always use email content for selling. Instead use it to create value. Use it for building trust, brand name, sharing information and updates, news or any other. Sometimes even the best emails fail to perform because they offer nothing but a call for sales! Avoid that.

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with Social Media
Since social media plays such a vital role in most of our lives, why not encourage link shares on your emails? Ideally, when you email contains links to a good article or informative piece, it’s a great tactic to add your social media hangers that indirectly asks readers to share it. Alternatively, use your social media page to attract email subscribers!

Have CTAs that demand action
This is something that causes most email campaigns to fail. The Calls to Action are vital for any email campaign because it literally urges the user to do something. Phrases like “Act Now”, “Know More”, “View Demo” are different CTAs with the motive to push the user into acting accordingly. It must however be kept in mind that the CTAs should be placed appropriately across the email and not only at the end.

Segment your Email Lists first
This is actually the first thing you should be doing. Segmenting, when done regularly, has proven highly effective for email campaigns, as it helps in taking your emails to interested and relevant users. Now before you segment your email lists keep these in mind:

  • Screen subscribers as and when they sign-up. This saves on time and prevents mass emails being sent to non-targeted users
  • Email ids of non-targeted subscribers should not be deleted, but stored somewhere else for latter campaigns

The bottom line is- there is no one best email marketing strategy or solution for the perfect email campaigns! Marketers have to use a combination of the different email marketing techniques to make their campaigns effective and reap desired outcome from it.

If you have come across other techniques that have helped your campaigns, do share it with our readers. Alternatively, if you require assistance for designing your email marketing campaigns, or for sorting out your email lists, get in touch with us at Email Data Group and we will help you with custom-built solutions.

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