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Global marketing trends are changing and it will only do your business good to adapt your digital and online marketing campaigns according to changing trends. It is no surprise that with time, email marketing has gradually emerged as the most preferred form of digital marketing, with an estimated 3.1bn email accounts currently in use and rising. Along with that, what has changed in the milieu of online and internet marketing is the use of smartphone as a device for checking all email and marketing updates. In a research conducted by Statista it was seen that there are about 163.9mn smartphone users in the US alone. With smartphones being the preferred device for opening over 41% commercial emails (Knotice) does it not mean that if you have not yet come up with an aggressive mobile email marketing strategy, there is a lot that your business is missing out on?

So, take a deep breath and start reworking on your mobile email marketing campaigns! And if you get stuck, here are three tips (actually mandatory rules) that will help you take your email marketing message to the right audience through effective mobile email marketing!

3 Tips for effective mobile email marketing

Tip 1: Follow the simple rule of responsive designs
Now it is not uncommon to find websites that have been designed for viewing on multiple platforms, but research shows that only about 2% companies actually have a progressive strategy for mobile email marketing (KissMetrics). For instance, it is accepted that the subject line for an email should ideally be 50-55 characters for maximum response. However, if your customers/users are usually the type that checks their emails on their smartphones, this needs to be abbreviated to 20-25 characters only! And that is no mean feat! You still have to keep your users interested in your emails in order to optimize from your email campaigns.

Tip 2: Keep the links easily clickable
Imagine opening an email and finding several interesting links or contact information that you want to open, but find it cumbersome because of its size and position! Yes, that is exactly what’s going to happen if you are sending an incorrectly designed mobile email! For maximizing customer interaction and activity, it is necessary for your email marketing campaigns to come with easy to share and click links. Since your mobile users will be using their fingers or a stylus to open emails make sure that links are not overlapping each other or too small to view and click. You can even include images or icons along with links so as to make the emails visually more appealing and catchy!

Tip 3: Work and rework on your text
Sometimes marketers tend to forget that when users check their emails on their smartphone, they have limited space to view the content present. So instead of bombarding the email with words and text (that in all likelihood will not be read in totality), concentrate on keeping the text short and focus on the CTA so that users can easily be redirected to the websites where they can take appropriate action.

In short, your mobile email marketing campaign cannot be rolled out with the same ideas that would have worked a couple of years back. Today your users are not so patient and they have other alternatives too. An email that is not aesthetically designed and does not appeal to them will either be deleted or get unsubscribed from. So make sure that you practice a culture of continuous testing to figure out what works best for your campaign!

So before you roll out your next email campaign for b2b and b2c customers, make sure you have mulled over the ideas shared above and aligned your email marketing strategies with them. If not, we at Email Data Group are here to assist you! With an exhaustive email lists and years of experience in the field of email marketing, we customize campaigns according to your budget, timeframe and customer base. So get in touch with us today!

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