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As a result of modernization and constant technological advancement, no matter how big or small a business industry is, every company is taking their maximum effort to use the most advanced technology for managing business operation. Cloud computing is one of the most frequently used words while discussing implementation of advanced technology in modern business operations. And if you want to obtain the most advanced cloud computing software provider for managing your business, Amazon Web Services is here at your service. Like other cloud hosting service providers, AWS also helps the organizers with internet or cloud based delivery process of hosted computer services like database storage, server, applications, networking and other IT operations. But, they have went far ahead of their competitors because of their flexibility and adaptability continuous technological up gradation. This is why, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered to be the largest public cloud computing service provider of the world. Now, as a cloud computing business marketer, how and why you will earn profit from AWS user database?- Let’s take a look at the present scenario first.

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Amazon Web Services Users List

The evolution of AWS: 2016-2017

In 2016, Amazon had experienced extra-ordinary success in their business outcome

for example-

In the first three quarters, Amazon’s stock increased up about 17%

Within first six months, Amazon has overtaken their expected business growth targets

During first nine months, the company had registered 29% growth in business revenue, which was over $92 billion

Amazon had reported 161% growth in operating income

And the most important thing is, Amazon Web Services contributed almost 35% of the overall Amazon’s valuation, which was $121.8 billion in number. Just think for a moment. By connecting with Amazon Web Services clients and customers massively successful business network, as a smart marketer, you can enrich your business network to the maximum level and you can stay far ahead of your contemporary market competitors.

Amazon Web Service’s achievement as cloud computing service provider

From the very beginning (2006), Amazon Web Services has constantly been improving their service only to be considered as one of the best on-demand computing platforms worldwide. They offer more than 70 cloud computing services to their globally acknowledged client organizations like LG Electronics, Intercom, American Heart Association, Blackboard, etc. Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) are the most advanced inclusions within the list of their provided services. As a consequence of their constant efficient service expertise, AWS has their vast range of satisfied clients from 16 geographical regions around the world. And it is easily assumable that, as a marketer you will be able to reach the top global decision makers by connecting with the decision makers from their globally respected client companies.

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