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Neither Romeo nor Juliet had to die if they could send one email to communicate their ”love-war” strategy in prior. Either it is “saying hi” to a friend or a marketer- email has always been the leading platform to build the bridge of connection. According to Radicati Group report, every second almost 2.4 million emails are sent. A communication medium with such effectiveness has always been on the top of the preference list of marketing professionals. According to the data-chart published by Campaign Monitor, 82% b2b and b2c business companies use email for their promotional activities. But there are certain mistakes in email marketing, that can lead the campaigns towards failure, even after the tool has such vast reach. Let’s take a look at these 5 email marketing mistakes, by avoiding which marketers can perform more polished and successful business campaigns.

  1. Giving no space to Reply
    Maintaining positive attitude is necessary while practicing email marketing campaigns. When a marketer sends any business email from “do-no-reply” or “no-reply” email address, it sends a very negative and uninviting approach to the recipient where the marketer is seemingly not interested to hear any reply or opinion from the audience’s end. In order to avoid this mistake, always send your marketing emails from recognizable email address where your targeted customers can reply if they feel like.
  2. Lack of providing proper links
    As per a recent research, one email marketing campaign contains 23.3 links on average. On the other hand, if a marketer is ignorant enough to provide no link in any of his/her marketing email, loosing the competition will be inevitable. One should always provide at least one proper link to their home page while developing email marketing messages.
  3. Only image-based emails
    Keeping marketing emails completely image-based is a big mistake. Why? Because as per the statistics, only for 33% email subscribers images get opened by default in marketing emails. In order to reach the rest, you have to wait for them to press the “show images” button to make your campaign message to be seen. Then what’s the way out? At least keep some texts in your marketing mail that your target audience can understand what your message is all about even if they do not open the images.
  4. Improper links, grammatical mistakes
    Once your email is sent, there will be no way of turning back. It takes just one glance and one silly mistake to destroy the whole brand image. As there is no room for mistakes, you should check your campaign email several times before finally sending it to your targeted customers. Make sure all links are working properly, images are opening in the right manner. Last but not the least, you must keep your marketing mails free from any kind of spelling and grammar mistake. In order to do that, proper proofreading is very important.
  5. Ignoring the mobile users
    As per the email analytics report of Litmas, presently 55% of emails are opened in mobile devices. As a marketer, ignoring this figure will not be a good idea if you want your email campaign to reach maximum number of your potential customers. Make your marketing emails mobile-friendly. Use image and maintain proper white space to make your business emails easy to operate and easy to understand for a mobile user.

Avoid these 5 mistakes and experience business campaign outcome like never before. Email Data Group can help you with b2b email marketing services that can allow you to reach the maximum number of your global customers in no time.

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