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You might have a working database from an authorized database supplier. All the contacts in your database might have been selected by you for a targeted b2b marketing b2c communication. Yet, you do not reap the marketing results you are supposed to because of the inactivity of the contacts in your database. To activate customer response, business email lists need to be put to correct use.

Marketing campaigns have a lot to share with them, so make email marketing automation your guide for scheduling email marketing campaigns. So, why use business email address lists for email marketing automation? Let us prove our point by sharing with you Emailmonday’s survey report, which states that 49% of companies on average are at present using marketing automation and about 55% of the business to business service companies are adopting this technology.

Old customers are more likely to give you deals than new leads. So, it is better to get them on track through email addresses accessed by email automation tools. Email automation is supports up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers, and boosts lead generation and conversions.

Types of Automated Email Workflows

Automated email workflows re-activate your old customers’ sense of belonging to your brand in many ways. Some of which we have listed here. Let us take you through them:
Email workflows have to set up by email marketing automation software. This kind of software enables timely automated email workflows. The ways in which this automation takes place may include:

  1. Email Workflow Based on Information Topic
    Many time product topics need a proper content and so, you can create newsletters, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, kits, blog posts for several topics, which can be sent through automated email workflow set for every specific topic and device the increase of possible views on those pages or influence subscription for offers pertaining to that topic.
    So, a particular product offer subscription will notify them about a similar product, inducing the activity of existing contacts in your database in responding to your message and then offers.
  2. Email Workflow for Email Subscribers
    Prepare a welcome email workflow for offer subscribers. Also prepare email workflows that have emails thanking contacts for subscribing to your call-to-action pages, and the benefits of other discounted products, detailing product selection adjustments. This is a great promotional marketing for best-performing products.
  3. Email Workflow for Customer Engagement
    For a cordial welcome, develop an automated email workflow so that a list of adequate welcome emails can be sent to paying customers. This means that a lifecycle of a contact to a customer is covered after which the welcome emails will be sent.
    This not only boosts client relationship, but also shows that you as a firm follow-up with your customers responsibly.
  4. Email Workflow for Lead Generation
    When you see that your contacts are buyers now, share relevant content with them on events, product upgrades and discounts and automate an email workflow that sends emails with that content and triggers customers to share the same across their social networks. This kind of referral marketing can help to generate high number leads.
  5. Email Workflow for Shopping Cart Abandonment
    As an e-commerce firm, you will understand that most prospective customers will add a product to their shopping carts and then abandon the cart without purchasing. So, an email workflow should be automated to follow-up with such prospective customers to remind them of the incomplete purchase and propel them to complete the transaction by offering other similar product offers or a special coupon code on the same buy.
  6. Email Workflow For Triggering Customer Satisfaction
    After the purchase, email workflows can be created driving surveys to know the satisfaction score of customers and the reward points they would like to earn on special purchases. With the score collection, a new email workflow can be set up that can send emails to customers mentioning bonus points or redeemable points on a certain purchase. For unsatisfied customers this can be a move towards improvement of their experience with your products and services.


With so many email workflows, marketing automation can be exhilarated and maximum customer acquisition can be accomplished. To create and automate such email workflows, you would need to buy b2b email list from a premier database vendor. Email Data Group prospers your database with high quality business email addresses verified by our automation tools. So, if you want to know how our b2b email database can trigger adequate email automation, get in touch with us at 1-800-710-4895 (Toll Free) or write to us at info@emaildatagroup.net.