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“Tele-verified email lists are ideal for your business and guaranteed to bring success!”

If we make a definitive statement like that are you going to believe us? Probably not! (Unless you are too loyal to our blogs and would believe every word we say!) But what if we rephrase ourselves and modify the sentence so that it states: “It’s not surprising that businesses that have used tele-verified email and mailing lists for their b2b campaigns have gained business success by leveraging from phone verification!” You would probably give the statement some thought!

And that is exactly what this blog is about! How businesses benefit with tele-verified email and mailing lists! But first let’s understand what exactly is phone verification?

Understanding the workings of phone verification

So what do we mean by phone verification and how important is it? Now phone verification can come in different forms-

(a) the form used by Facebook or Gmail to validate user authenticity
(b) the form used by online transaction sites, banking sites to verify user identity
(c) the form used by businesses for verifying existing client data before through about a b2b or b2c campaign.

The fact however remains, that irrespective of the form, tele-verification is valued across business needs. Phone numbers are actually one of the most effective and convenient ways to verify user identity, to validate whether the user says who he is.

In the business perspective, phone verification extends to elaborately cross-checking if previously collected data regarding a particular business or its executive is authentic and still valid.

So don’t just go about with your b2b campaigns. Now that you know what tele-verification is, make sure you start your b2b campaigns with tele-verified email and mailing lists!

Benefits of tele-verification for email and mailing lists

When businesses choose to use phone verified email databases for their business campaigns, they do so because they have benefited from it. Some of the common benefits include:

  • It reduces chances of misdirected communication
    Probably the most important benefit of the process, a tele-verified email and mailing database reduces chances of misdirected communication. As a marketer it is likely you lack the resources required to cross-check the authenticity of all your contact data. But third-party verifiers have the tools and expertise required to perform this task. When they verify and validate your database, they not only correct and update the database, but often include additional professionally relevant data. This ensures that all your business communication is made with its intended audience. A well directed b2b campaign not only saves your brand from earning a bad market reputation but has better prospects for conversions and sales!
  • It validates data and identifies new business prospects –
    The advantage of phone verification is that real-time calls are made. This eliminates the option of user’s discretion to reply or not and often is also able to extract other professionally relevant data. So when you get tele-verified email lists you will be surprised by the campaign accuracy and the result it brings! Additionally, phone verified email lists often helps in identifying new business prospects and opportunities for sales. For instance, when business professionals switch organizations, it is helpful to get the missing data phone verified. Since during phone verification you actually get to speak with the concerned person, it is unlikely that incorrect data will be provided. When added to your existing database, this data translates to new business prospects.
  • Improves ROI –
    The ultimate aim of any business- making profits! With a tele-verified email list getting better return on investments is more than possible! It goes without saying but when marketers invest in databases they expect accuracy and relevancy. Since in phone verified email lists both manual and automated approaches are adopted it is unlikely that data will be inaccurate or obsolete. Since marketers are expected to pay for every data they buy, this saves them from paying for data that is obsolete!

It’s no surprise therefore that, marketers who have embarked on their campaigns through phone verified email lists have been able to gain more from their campaigns. From keeping customers satisfied through effective targeted communication to reducing chances of returned or bounced emails, beginning a b2b campaign with tele-verified email list is both business friendly and cost-effective!

So if you are looking at going for phone verification of your obsolete customer database, get in touch with us at Email Data Group for customized services. We have been in the business for the last eight years and have the skill and team needed to tele-verify email databases and deliver quality service for your b2b campaigns!

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